Creative Ways to Tell a Story


A memoir is an account of individual experienced at a point in their life or over a period of time in their life. Unlike a biography or an autobiography, a memoir focuses on a certain topic or turning point in an individual’s life. This individual who writes a memoir is called a memoirist. They write about the story of their life.

Though writing a memoir involves one writing about them self, the focus should be on writing something that is going to enlighten, captivate, educate and entertain the ones who are going to encounter this story. In other words, a memoir is not more about the memoirist but the reader. Another important factor to note is that one does not have to be a renown person in order to write their memoir and get it published. The fact of the matter is that readers want to read something that they can highly relate with and nothing but the truth. Therefore anybody can write about their life and they will get published as long as their story is told in a captivating manner.

There are a few things that one should keep in mind when they are writing their story. One of this is that one has to narrow the focus of their story. Yes one is writing about their life but they do not have to write everything about it. All one needs to do is write about the events that surround the topic they are talking about. While still narrowing the focus, one should also write not just on their story. What this calls for is one to include other factors that came along with the event or topic they are writing about. These back stories make a memoir more vivid to the readers. Be sure to view website here!

Telling the truth is another way of ensuring that a memoir is powerful. Being genuine and honest when writing may make the journey difficult to an author but it is really what the readers desire in a memoir. It is not to be exaggerated nor should it be told in a bitter or vengeful manner. It should be put across in such a way that the reader will be able to relate. A writer should write their story in a manner that they will cherish and hold on to; after all it is their story they are writing about. Get more facts about book publishing at


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